New Advances in Spinal Cord Injury Treatments Offer Hope

Posted in Catastrophic Personal Injury,Industrial Accidents,Insurance Companies,Motor Vehicle Accidents on March 31, 2015

Now, unlike ever before, new methods of treatment show promise for rehabilitating paralyzed patients with spinal cord injury. A variety of methods – some available now and others on the horizon – have people rethinking prognosis, including the probability of restoring movement and other body functions. Today I’d like to review some of the major advancements in … Continued

Which cars reduce your chance of a fatal car accident?

Posted in Catastrophic Personal Injury,Motor Vehicle Accidents,Oregon Personal Injury Accidents,Wrongful Death on March 31, 2015

Weekly headlines chronicle dozens of Oregon fatal car accidents. It seems we are constantly being reminded of the tragic impact that fatal accidents have on our lives, families and communities. But did you know that fatal car accidents in Oregon are actually on the DECLINE? In a recent study, Oregon was ranked in the top … Continued

What is my personal injury case worth?

Posted in Insurance Companies,Motor Vehicle Accidents,Oregon Personal Injury Accidents,Small Value/ Cases Under $10,000,Wrongful Death on March 16, 2015

When I meet with a client for the first time to review details of their personal injury case, I am inevitably asked, “What is my personal injury case worth?” This is a complex question that is not easily answered. Determining the potential value of a personal injury case requires thoughtful evaluation and gathering of facts … Continued