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motorcycle accident attorney

Committed to representing individuals who have suffered serious injuries in motorcycle accidents due to the negligence of others.

Expert Portland Motorcycle Accident Attorneys You Can Trust

Motorcycle riding is an exhilarating experience, but it can also be inherently dangerous. Oregon accident statistics indicate motorcyclists are 6.5 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident, and more than 8 times more likely to receive major injuries than occupants in a vehicle. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you don’t have to face the insurance companies alone to obtain fair and equitable compensation. Our Portland motorcycle accident attorney is here to help.

At Mayor Law, we have in-depth knowledge of the laws and legal procedures affecting motorcyclists in injury lawsuits. Should the trial be necessary, you will want an experienced Portland motorcycle accident attorney who can effectively present your case to a Portland jury. Attorney Travis Mayor knows how important your case is to you – and it is just as important to him. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation or call (503) 506-7891.

Issues Facing Motorcyclists

Department of Transportation’s statistics indicate that 14% of all roadway deaths are attributed to motorcycle accidents despite the fact that motorcycles account for less than 1% of vehicles traveled. There are many potential explanations for this annual increase including a close to 100% increase in the number of motorcycles on the road (approximately 8 million), the fact that motorcycles are more powerful than their earlier predecessors and operate at highway speeds, and the overall population of vehicle drivers is aging and less experienced in dealing with common motorcycle maneuvers such as “lane-splitting.

It is sometimes easier to blame the motorcyclist, however, when the facts are examined almost 2/3 of a motorcycle versus car crashes result from the failure of the car driver to see the motorcycle and subsequently violate the motorcyclist’s right-of-way. Car driver error most frequently occurs when a car is turning left and the driver does not see an oncoming motorcyclist. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident caused by drivers failing to yield to your right-of-way, then you need the assistance of an experienced Portland motorcycle accident attorney.


Rear-End Crash

Obtained the insurance policy maximum settlement for his client arising out of a Deschutes County high speed rear-end car crash, which caused serious neck injuries requiring surgery to repair.


T-Bone Accident

Secured an insurance company payment his client's injuries after a driver failed to stop at a stop sign. The collision aggravated pre-existing conditions in the elderly client’s back, which required surgery to repair.


Car Accident

Litigated this underinsured motorist claim against his client’s insurance company for neck injuries arising from a high-speed car accident. The settlement was in addition to the money he already obtained from the negligent driver’s insurance company.

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Travis Mayor

“I believe victims deserve to have their voice heard, let me help you tell your story.”

As a Portland personal injury attorney, I am dedicated and focused on seeking justice for injured people and their families. For over a decade, I have been solving clients’ legal problems both in the courtroom and in settlement negotiations with great success. My mission is to offer outstanding personal service to my clients coupled with aggressive representation against insurance companies, corporations, and other persons who cause injury.

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“A competent, professional, and trustworthy advocate.”

Travis represented me in an auto accident claim this year. Dealing with an accident can be overwhelming and anxiety producing. Travis was so helpful in explaining each step of the process. He was proactive and kept me informed as needed. I felt relieved to have such a competent, professional, and trustworthy advocate. I highly recommend his services…


Portland, OR

“Travis negotiated to perfection.”

I was in my first car accident last November. I had no clue how complicated this was going to be. From the insurance/medical authorizations and reports to the vehicle rental, estimates, and repair process I was overwhelmed. I was also in a lot of pain during this time. Travis took over so I could focus on healing…


Portland, OR

“Travis couldn’t have been better.”

Travis represented me in a personal injury and punitive damage claim in an incident where I was hit by a drunk driver. The case lasted roughly two years and was mentally and emotionally trying. That being said, Travis was helpful throughout and made sure that every move made in the case was broken down and that I understood clearly what was going on…


Bend, OR

“Attorney Travis Mayor was very easy to work with.”

One of the best Personal Injury Lawyers in town!! Attorney Mayor is calm yet aggressive and truly got the job done! This was my first time ever being in an auto accident and he made sure I understood everything that was going on. My case had to go to trial and he proved himself very knowledgeable…


Portland, OR

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I approach my clients’ cases as I would for my own family. I provide customized solutions based on each client’s unique situation and goals.

Seeking Insurance Coverage For Medical Costs And Lost Wages

If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash, where the car driver is at fault, then the first $15,000 (currently Oregon mandated minimum) of your medical bills will be covered under your motorcycle PIP insurance if you have elected to purchase this additional coverage. If you did not purchase PIP insurance under your motorcycle policy, then the first $15,000 of your medical bills may be covered under the at-fault driver’s personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. If your expenses exceed that limit, then the driver’s liability insurance will cover additional costs up to their policy limit. If your costs EXCEED the liability limit, you may be able to collect additional insurance through your motor vehicle Underinsured Motorist coverage.

Seeking coverage for your medical expenses can be a daunting proposition especially when dealing with insurance adjusters, who are aggressively representing their companies and attempting to obtain the lowest possible settlements. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident where your medical expenses and lost wages exceed the limits covered by PIP insurance, then you need to review your case with an experienced Portland motorcycle accident attorney. Experienced law firms like Mayor Law LLC can help maximize your settlement and deal with the complexities of insurance laws and liability issues, while also protecting your rights.

Dealing With Claims For Property Damage

If you have been involved in an accident, where the car driver is a fault, and you have incurred property damages to your new motorcycle, then you need to understand how to deal with a property insurance claim. The same insurance coverage that reimburses your medical and lost wages costs (PIP insurance) will also cover property damage to your motorcycle. For property damage claims less than $10,000, you may be able to take advantage of Oregon’s ORS 20.080 statute.

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frequently asked questions

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A Portland motorcycle accident attorney can be different from normal personal injury cases in many aspects that require an understanding of laws pertaining to motorcyclists, as well as how to deal with cases involving major or catastrophic injuries. In a less complex personal injury case, there are usually defined costs for the injured party to obtain a “full” recovery, return to employment, and continue the enjoyment of life. Compare this to a major or catastrophic motorcycle accident where the injured party may suffer long-term permanent disability and never recovered normal functionality.



Travis Mayor is an outstanding Portland Motorcycle Accident Attorney, committed to maximizing financial compensation for clients hurt as the result of another person’s negligence. As a former insurance defense lawyer, Travis knows firsthand how insurance companies evaluate cases, pressure parties into “lowball” settlements, and execute trial strategies. This valuable insight from the other side of the table, combined with experience handling hundreds of personal injury cases, is the reason Travis produces extraordinary results. He knows how to effectively prosecute personal injury claims, and has collected millions in settlements, jury verdicts and arbitration awards for his clients.



The simple answer is two years from the date you were injured; however, there are numerous exceptions which can shorten or increase the time frame. These exceptions have to do with filing various notices such as a Dram Shop Notice or Tort Claim Notice which must be filed within 180 days of the incident. On the other hand, there are increased limits for cases involving a fatality, or minors under the age of 18. In any case, you do not want to postpone your efforts to seek the support and advice of an experienced attorney sooner rather than later to evaluate your case and determine an appropriate course of action based on all of the case facts.

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