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wrongful death attorney

Committed to representing victims of wrongful death due to the negligence of others.

There a very few times in a person’s life that are more traumatic and stressful than an accidental death in the family – especially when a family member’s death is premature and attributed to the wrongful and negligent actions of someone else.  We struggle with questions that have no answers, seeking to explain or console our grief.

Our Firm Is Dedicated To Helping Injured Victims

While no one can undo the damage, Portland Wrongful Death Attorney Travis Mayor can help you understand the legal process of seeking justice in an accidental death case and your options for dealing with the negligent wrongful death of a loved one. Travis is experienced, compassionate, and understands what you are going through.

Travis is ready to learn more about your case and offer help. Call (503) 610-0005 or 1 (800) 949-1481 for your free and confidential case evaluation with a Portland Wrongful Death Attorney.

Types of compensation allowed in Portland, Oregon wrongful death lawsuits

Portland personal injury attorney Travis Mayor moves quickly to obtain important evidence to maximize the value of his clients’ cases. The types of financial compensation available to the families of accidental death and wrongful death victims include the following:

  • Reasonable charges incurred for medical costs and services, burial and memorial services;
  • Compensation for disability, pain, suffering, and loss of income during the period between injury and the decedent’s death;
  • Compensation for pecuniary (economic) losses to the decedent estate, such as the loss of the decedent’s lifetime earnings;
  • Compensation to the decedent’s spouse, children, stepchildren, stepparents, and parents for pecuniary (economic) loss to them and for the loss of the society, companionship, and services of the decedent; and
  • Punitive damages in cases of intentional and reckless conduct. Punitive damages are designed to punish wrongdoers and deter them and others from similar conduct.

Unfortunately, Oregon law caps the non-economic damages for pain and suffering and loss of society, companionship, and services of the decedent at $500,000. Due to the legislative cap on non-economic damages, the majority of the value of most Oregon wrongful death claims comes from the economic losses caused as a result of the decedent’s wrongful death.

Oregon Wrongful Death Lawyer, Travis Mayor, aggressively pursues justice for victims of negligence resulting in death, those wrongfully killed as the result of reckless conduct by individuals and corporate entities.

$ 500,000

Industrial Accident

A truck driver sustained a crush injury to his hand while un-strapping a flatbed trailer at a Portland warehouse when the negligent forklift driver tried to unload the trailer prematurely and without giving warning to the driver. The case settled at mediation prior to trial.

$ 1,000,000

traumatic brain injury

Travis Mayor obtained a policy limit settlement for his client who suffered a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures after being struck by a work truck in this Multnomah County case.

$ 450,000

clackamas motorcycle crash

Travis Mayor recovered $450,000 for his client who suffered a fractured tibia and fibula when a negligent driver pulled out directly on front of his approaching motorcycle, froze, and stopped. The client laid down his motorcycle to avoid a head-on crash into the large SUV.

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What is an Oregon wrongful death claim?

Oregon wrongful death statutes state “when the death of a person is caused by the wrongful act or omission of another, the personal representative of the decedent for the benefit of the decedent’s surviving … [family], may maintain an action against the wrongdoer, if the decedent might have maintained an action had the decedent lived, against the wrongdoer for an injury done by the same act or omission.” This is a legalistic way of saying if a person dies as a result of a wrongful act or omission of another, such as a drunk driving fatality or an employer not properly guarding an automated machine, then the personal representative of the decedent’s estate may bring a lawsuit against the wrongdoer for the benefit of the surviving family or the decedent’s estate.

There are certain steps that have to be taken when filing a wrongful death claim. The first is preparing for litigation. A personal representative of the deceased has to complete certain tasks before filing the lawsuit like setting up the estate. An investigation may be necessary and identifying the responsible parties. Next, is the negotiation and settlement. Though the other party may want to settle outside of court, you reserve the right to push the wrongful death suit. You would then file the suit and the litigation process begins.

Get Results - Call a Portland Wrongful Death Attorney at Mayor Law

At Mayor Law, it is our goal to help the families of Oregon wrongful death victims achieve justice and restore their lives. Portland Wrongful Death Attorney, Travis Mayor, will help you by reducing the hassles and inconvenience of your tragic loss as you mourn while maximizing the financial compensation for the statutory beneficiaries of the decedent’s estate. Travis Mayor has recovered millions of dollars for families of Oregon wrongful death victims. For every Oregon wrongful death client, Travis offers personal service with proven results. For more information regarding wrongful death and our Oregon Wrongful Death Attorney, see our FAQ page.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation and case evaluation. At Mayor Law, we understand the legal implications of an Oregon wrongful death lawsuit. More importantly, we understand your family’s pain. We use our experience, knowledge, and resources to build a strong case and secure the compensation your family needs to cope with the loss of your loved one for years to come.

Types of Portland Wrongful Death Cases

Each year hundreds of Oregonians are involved in preventable fatal accidents caused by the negligence and reckless conduct of others. Typical examples and common causes of wrongful death accidents include:

Motor Vehicle Deaths – In 2011, 32,367 people died in motor vehicle crashes in the United States. While this is an improvement from proceeding years it still represents the leading cause of death in unintentional accidents. Motorcycle accidents accounted for 4,612 deaths, and large trucks accounted for 3,757 fatalities. Negligent deaths are generally the result of brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, head and skull fractures, severe broken bones and fractures.

Pedestrian And Cyclist Fatalities— In 2011, pedestrian accidents accounted for 4,432 fatalities. Bicyclist fatalities, as reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation, were at an all-time high of 677 fatalities. Most of these fatalities were the result of negligence resulting in death. Family members can seek justice by pursuing legal action to recover damages from an accidental death lawsuit.

Unsafe and Defective Products –- In 2012, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 847,755 people were hospitalized as a result of their injuries from unsafe and defective products, and more than 5,400 died as a result of using defective products.

Medical Malpractice Deaths– Medical malpractice statistics are difficult to substantiate, but various sources indicate between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths occur each year because of medical errors.

Unsafe Premises– The CDC reports that falls are one of the leading causes of death in our country, especially in adults aged 65 and older. In 2010, about 21,700 older adults died from unintentional fall injuries. Falls are also the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries, as well as cervical spine injuries, and thoracic spine injuries.

Workplace Deaths — According to Oregon OSHA and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Oregon 2011 workplace accidents amounted to 49,400 non-fatal occupational injuries and 58 fatal injuries. Accidental deaths are generally the result of exposure to toxic chemical exposure, defective machine operation, electrocution, and falls.

Traumatic Brain Injuries – The CDC estimates about 1.7 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) annually, generating 52,000 annual accident deaths. TBI is a contributing factor to approximately 1/3rd of all injury-related U.S. accidental deaths.

Criminal Acts– In Oregon, crimes that constitute wrongful death include aggravated murder, murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and vehicular homicide. In 2012, Oregon murder and negligent homicide rates increased by approximately 15%.

Wrongful Death Case Examples:

Wrongful Death Case Example 1: A $505,000 wrongful death settlement was reached in a Portland accidental death case, which involved horrible first-degree burn injury from a negligently caused house fire. The decedent survived for a number of weeks before he ultimately died from his burn injury. An out of court settlement was obtained for the homeowner’s insurance policy maximum limit for the negligent accident death.

Accident Death Case Example 2: A $400,000 accident death settlement was reached in this Beaverton drunk driving case, with the drunk driver’s insurance company. We also filed a liquor liability lawsuit against the tavern that served alcohol to the drunk driver while he was visibly intoxicated. Unfortunately, the tavern had illegally let its liability insurance lapse. The bar and its owners eventually filed bankruptcy.

Wrongful Death Case Example 3: Oregon Wrongful Death Attorney, Travis Mayor, obtained a wrongful death settlement from the homeowner’s insurance company of the defendant. This tragic wrongful death case occurred in The Dalles, Wasco County, Oregon where a psychologically troubled person shot and killed his neighbors, a mother, and her adult son. The case settled for the defendant’s insurance policy limit of $100,000 shortly after filing the lawsuit. The defendant, who was incarcerated and being prosecuted by the State of Oregon, had no other assets.

Accidental Death Case Example 4: Portland Wrongful Death Attorney, Travis Mayor, settled this wrongful death case prior to litigation. This case arose in Bend, Oregon, where hospital staff at a local hospital negligently turned off the valve on the patient’s tracheotomy causing his accidental death. The elderly patient had been hospitalized after he was paralyzed in a serious motor vehicle accident prior to the negligent act. The case settled for $400,000.

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Wrongful Death

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The best thing to do is discuss your situation with a skilled Portland car accident attorney before you decide to enter into discussions with an insurance representative.


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An experienced personal injury attorney will alleviate the hassle of the claims process and fight for your financial recovery, so you can focus on your physical recovery.


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Travis Mayor will handle your case from start to finish. As an experienced personal injury attorney, Travis puts your needs first.

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