Why Do So Many Drivers Fail To Use Turn Signals?

Turn signals, otherwise known as blinkers, indicators, or trafficators, are a necessary factor when it comes to safe driving. They exist to inform other drivers of your intentions to make a turn, preventing potentially fatal collisions from occurring. As such, it’s not uncommon among turn signal users to become frustrated when fellow drivers fail to use their blinker. If not, personal injury can occur when you’re hurt in a resulting crash.

But more and more people are failing to implement their turn signal when they make a turn or change lanes. Here are some of the most common reasons why drivers don’t use their turn signals.

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They forgot

The most common reason drivers don’t use their turn signal is because they simply forget. This often occurs when a driver is traveling down a familiar route or needs to make a sudden turn. The best way to get back into the habit of using your turn signal is by using it whenever you change lanes, whether there are other cars around or not. If you get into the habit of using it all the time, you’re less likely to forget to use it in the future.

Road rage

Some angry drivers may fail to use their blinker when they want to cut you off. In particularly congested traffic, however, some cars will try to slip into a gap to prevent another driver from blocking a space. This is a dangerous habit that has the potential to put many in harm’s way. If you’re cut off by a driver without a blinker and injured in a crash, contact your personal injury attorney for more information.

They’re lazy

Some drivers even make the conscious decision to not use their turn signal. It’s estimated that 23% of drivers don’t use their turn signals because they were too lazy to do it.

What’s the proper way to use a turn signal?

Oregon state law demands that a moving vehicle must put its blinker on at least 100 ft before a turn or lane change is performed. This signals to other drivers that your car is changing position, allowing the proper amount of time for fellow drivers to adjust their speed or change lanes themselves.

Before you search “what is personal injury?” know that failure to use your blinker is a factor in many car accidents. When you want more information on “what is personal injury” contact your car accident attorney at Mayor Law today.