Truck Accident Misconceptions: What You Shouldn’t Believe

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Worldwide, more than 50% of all road traffic fatalities occur among young adults ages 15 to 44. But regardless of your age, you’re certainly more likely to die or suffer serious injuries if you’re involved in a truck accident than you are if you’re involved in a car crash. The sheer size and power of these vehicles means that proper road safety is paramount in order to prevent a tragic collision.


If you’re hurt in a truck accident and manage to survive, you will likely suffer some major medical harm as a result. When you’re injured in a crash like this, it’s important to protect yourself in the aftermath by talking to an experienced attorney and assess whether you might have grounds for filing a truck accident claim. Unfortunately, a lot of people choose not to file, even when they’re legally entitled to compensation, just because they believe some pervasive myths about truck accidents. Here are just a few of those misconceptions.

MISCONCEPTION: Experienced Truck Drivers Aren’t Typically to Blame For Accidents.

Truth: Truck drivers are just as prone (if not more so) to accidents than the average motorist. Yes, many truck drivers are skilled professionals who have perfect driving records. But just like with other drivers, there are those who engage in distracted behaviors or who drive drowsy. There are also truck drivers who are new to the industry and who don’t have the first-hand knowledge to avoid some of the pitfalls that can result in accidents. While the motorists may be at least partially to blame in some crash cases, it’s just as likely that the trucker’s negligence could have caused the accident.

MISCONCEPTION: Truck Drivers Have to Follow the Same Laws as All Other Motorists.

Truth: Actually, truck drivers have to follow more stringent rules than regular motorists do. They do have to obey all posted traffic laws, but they also have to use even more extreme caution than those laws indicate. Many states force truck drivers to travel below posted speed limits on specific roadways. And in addition to the normal motorist laws that truckers have to follow even more strictly, they have their own set of commercial vehicle laws they have to obey. You might assume that means they’re safer drivers, but it actually means you might have more grounds for a truck accident claim than you might think. If you believe a truck driver violated both state and federal laws, your Portland truck accident attorney may have more to work with when filing your claim.

MISCONCEPTION: All Trucks Contain Black Boxes That Will Record an Accident.

Truth: Electronic data recorders may be installed in some trucks, but they aren’t required — and they might not contain all the information you need to file and win a truck accident claim. Not all trucks have these devices, and if they do, they don’t always record automatically. They may be triggered by certain accident conditions, but even then, they may actually record in a loop (and thus may not capture the entire incident). While this technology can help to support your case, it probably won’t be the “smoking gun” you think it is. That’s why it’s essential to work with an attorney and to document everything you can right from the start in order to strengthen your claim.

MISCONCEPTION: Truck Accident Claims are Nearly Impossible to Win.

Truth: Any legal claim can be tedious to pursue, but if another driver is at fault, it’s worth doing. A lot of people believe that big trucking companies have endless money to spend on attorneys, which makes it pointless to even try. Nothing could be further from the truth. If your experienced lawyer can prove a truck driver’s negligence, you can and should file a claim. Keep in mind that these cases may not be resolved quickly, but many cases can reach a resolution on a shorter timeline if a settlement is involved. It’s best to consult with a lawyer experienced in this area to discern whether you have a viable case.

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