Tell Distracted Driving To Take The Back Seat And Focus On The Road

Instances of distracted driving are steadily rising. While people using mobile phones and other handheld electronic devices may have dropped from 3.8% to 3.3% from 2015 to 2016, distracted driving as a whole applies to more than just cell phone use on the road

Legions of personal injury lawyers represent people who were in motor vehicle accidents caused by some form of distracted driving. Getting hurt in a crash is terrible as is, but it can be even worse when the accident could have been avoided by distraction-free driving. Let’s look at some things that distract us on the road and what we should do to avoid them.

More Tech Now Than Ever

Technology has been — and continues to be — a two-edged sword in the realm of distracted driving. While new technologies have been developed to keep our hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, the sheer volume of device capabilities can be distracting. Set up your Bluetooth, voice assistant, and device-to-vehicle connectivity before the car is in drive.

Less Passenger Focus, More Road Focus

Because the holiday season has just passed us, this point will still be fresh in your minds. If you’ve done any driving with your family throughout the holiday season, you know how distracting your own passengers can be. It’s only natural to pay attention to what they’re doing, but it can be a huge distraction. While driving, focusing on the road is the best way to care for your passengers, no matter how noisy they may be.

When In Doubt, Pull Over

In every sense, this is the most reasonable thing to do while driving. No matter the distraction, if you feel you’re losing your focus on the road, safely pull over and take whatever time you need to get back in the zone. One of the most little talked about forms of distracted driving is drowsiness and loss of full focus. If you’re driving and don’t really remember going the last several miles, it’s time for a break. Remember this mantra in every driving instance: pulling over is okay. There’s no break too long for the sake of safety.

Stay safe and distraction-free out there on the roads. While we don’t wish it on anyone, accidents happen. When they do and you’re injured in a car accident, seek the experienced personal injury lawyers at Mayor Law. Get in touch with us today.