Stay Safe While Cycling: Bicycle Accident Prevention Tips To Know

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Cycling to work or as a hobby can be a great way to get your daily exercise and appreciate nature. However, it can also be a dangerous activity, particularly if you’re riding on public roadways. More than 50% of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15 to 44 worldwide, and for cyclists, the dangers can be even greater. Ultimately, the onus often falls on the cyclist to ensure that they are seen and respected when they’re out on the road. If you want to avoid sustaining serious injury and hiring personal injury lawyers to help protect your rights, consider the following accident prevention tips for cyclists.

    • Use bike paths and lanes whenever possible
      As you might know from news coverage, using a bike path or a bike lane doesn’t totally guarantee your safety. But they are one of the best ways to increase your safety while taking a convenient route. If you have the option to take a bike path, this is usually the safest option. While bike lanes are meant to keep cyclists safe, some are poorly designed or drivers may be impatient. Those who do get into motor vehicle accidents even when the bike lane is used will want to contact Portland personal injury lawyers in their area right away.


    • Make sure motorists can see you
      Even if you regularly use the bike lane, you’ll need to make yourself visible to drivers at all times. That means your bike should be equipped with reflectors and a light. You should wear reflective clothing and you should always wear a helmet, too. That way, even if you are involved in an accident and work with personal injury law firms in your area, you’ll have a greater chance of avoiding serious harm. Remember that wearing a helmet can substantially reduce your risk of a head or brain injury. It’s even better if your helmet comes with a headlamp!


    • Always signal and never surprise
      As a rule, it’s best to be predictable when cycling. You should never take drivers by surprise with what you do. That means you need to signal properly and make eye contact with drivers around you to make certain they know what you’re about to do. Most cyclists signal a turn with the corresponding arm and a pointing motion. When in doubt: look, signal, and look again.


    • Plan out your route beforehand
      If you can, plan out your path in advance, rather than winging it. This can allow you to avoid busy roadways and construction sites. There are even apps you can use to help you plan your route. Try to favor quiet, residential streets and stick to areas with which you’re already familiar. Should you end up with an injury, you’ll at least be able to notify medical personnel where you are without risking your safety even more. But no matter where cyclists ride, they’re entitled to assistance from a Portland bicycle accident lawyer if they are hurt due to someone else’s actions.


  • Remember crowded streets aren’t the only danger
    It’s good to be wary of busy roadways. After all, personal injury lawyers will probably tell you that the more motorists there are in a given space, the likelier it is that you could be involved in an accident. But these areas aren’t the only ones you need to watch out for. Crosswalks can be quite dangerous, for instance. You might think you can speed through if you have the “walk” signal, but you should proceed with caution. Cars making a turn might not see you right away and could easily hit you. Parked cars can be dangerous, too! When drivers park on the street and open their door suddenly from the inside, you can easily be hurt. To prevent this, never ride too close to parked cars. It’s better to stay further to the middle of the lane so drivers can see you than to be too close to parked car doors.

Even if you follow these tips, accidents can still occur. If you’ve been involved in a cycling accident and need help, we’re here for you. To find out more, contact Mayor Law today.