Oregon Car Accident PIP Insurance Benefits Denial Reversed

After appealing a lower court’s decision to deny Oregon car accident PIP insurance benefits to our client, we earned a decisive victory in the Oregon Court of Appeals in Robert Ma v. GEICO Casualty Company case regarding the denial of Oregon car accident PIP insurance benefits to Oregon car accident victims. The Court of Appeals reversed the trial court judge who had ruled in favor of defendant GEICO Casualty Company denying Oregon car accident PIP insurance benefits to drivers operating a car with the owner’s permission. For a number of years, GEICO has taken the absurd position that permissive drivers of vehicles insured by GEICO were not entitled to personal injury protection (“PIP”) insurance benefits when they were injured in an Oregon car accident. PIP benefits include medical expenses, lost wages and other types of compensation. PIP coverage under auto liability policies is mandatory under Oregon law regardless of who caused the collision. The underlying goal of  PIP coverage is to make sure injured persons are compensated quickly for certain losses when they are involved in an Oregon car accident. Reimbursement from the at-fault driver and their insurance company is reconciled at a later point in time after the parties have recovered from their injuries. You can read more about Oregon car accident PIP insurance benefits and Oregon Insurance FAQs at Mayor Law.

Oregon Car Accident PIP Insurance Benefits Ruling Applies to all Oregon Drivers

By using a strained interpretation of the PIP statute, GEICO avoided paying claims to car accident victims in Oregon over the last few years, by denying Oregon car accident PIP insurance benefits to persons driving GEICO insured vehicles with the owner’s permission who were injured in Oregon car accidents. Permissive driver situations include lending your car to a friend, a co-worker or a family member who does not reside with you. This even includes using a designated driver – someone to driver your car if you have consumed alcohol. Fortunately for Oregonians, the Court of Appeals did not agree with GEICO’s argument. The law is now clarified. Permissive drivers who are operating Oregon insured vehicles and who are involved in car accidents are entitled to Oregon car accident PIP insurance benefits as a matter of law.

If you were a permissive driver, vehicle owner or passenger who was injured in a car accident caused by another driver’s negligence, and were denied Oregon car accident PIP insurance benefits, you need to contact a Portland personal injury attorney. You may have a better case than you realize! Even if you have a smaller case, you should speak with a lawyer to help you determine if you need an attorney. Because I work on contingency fee basis (meaning: I don’t get paid unless you do), and I do not take cases unless I think we can win. My initial consultations are always free, so call me at (503) 444-2825, or email at travis@mayorlaw.com.

Travis Mayor, Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

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