All About Bicycle Accidents: What To Do If You’ve Been Hurt While Cycling

Pedestrians ages 65 and over accounted for 13% of the 70,000 pedestrian injuries in 2015, but the total number of bicycle-related injuries should be just as concerning. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 45,000 bicyclist injuries that same year. Since more people are choosing to get their exercise and even commute to work via bicycle, the number of bicycle accidents keeps rising. And while many jurisdictions are starting to pay attention and take measures to keep cyclists safe, the onus is often on the cyclist to avoid dangerous situations and make smart decisions. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible when drivers are reckless. Here’s what personal injury attorneys want you to know if you’ve suffered injuries as a result of a bicycle accident.

There are several reasons why bike accidents occur.

Data shows that the most prevalent reasons for bike accidents include careless or reckless driving, excessive speeds, drugs and alcohol, and failure to see a cyclist. Occasionally, a cyclist will be at fault for an accident (the reasons for this typically stem from a cyclist failing to follow laws, including disregard of traffic signals or riding on the wrong side of the road).

You’ll likely sustain major injuries.

No matter who is technically at fault for the accident, the cyclist is much more likely to sustain serious injuries than the motorist involved. Injuries can include broken or fractured bones, nerve damage, joint dislocation, nerve/back/spine injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or even death. If a cyclist is traveling at high speeds, in urban areas, and/or through intersections, the injuries are likely to be even more severe.

After an accident, you should seek medical attention.

Regardless of whether you think you’ve been seriously injured following a bike accident, you should seek medical attention and immediately document all injuries (with photos, if possible). You should also get the driver’s contact information, as well as that of any witnesses. This will help your personal injury attorney fight for the compensation you deserve in court.

If you have been hurt while cycling, there are actions you can take to ensure the motorist is held responsible. However, these cases may be even more challenging than other kinds of motor vehicle accidents. That means it’s more important than ever to hire a reputable personal injury attorney. Your personal injury lawyer will help you through the process and fight on your behalf.

Helping Bicycle Accident Victims

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