7 Steps to Prepare for Road Accidents as the Seasons Change

truck accidents

As fall and winter approach, new and seasoned drivers alike know that soon, driving will become a bit more tricky. Cooler temperatures, longer nights and greater amounts of precipitation all create more difficult driving conditions.

Though accidents in the colder months are sometimes unavoidable, there are still steps you and your family can take to prepare for the coming accident season to help keep everyone safe. Use this guide for driver’s safety
and preparedness as the seasons change:

Prep Your Car

  • Get the Right TiresOne of the most important ways to prevent accidents this winter is by prepping your car during the fall. Good tires are incredibly important for traction on wet, slushy or icy roads. If you live in an area where snow is likely, consider purchasing a set of snow tires.
  • Use Weights for Trucks To help avoid pickup truck accidents in the winter, consider purchasing sandbags. Adding weight to the otherwise light bed of a pickup can help balance the vehicle. Sandbags can also be placed in the trunk of a car. Additionally, after cars slide into ditches or when truck accidents happen, sandbags can be poured under tires to increase traction when vehicles become stuck.
  • Check Your Wipers and FluidDuring snow, sleet, and rain, visibility can become significantly reduced. If your wipers are old and ineffective, driving through winter weather can become especially dangerous. Paying $20 for new wipers is a small price to pay to avoid getting hurt in a crash. Consider topping up wiper fluid, or purchasing fluid optimized for lower temperatures to help keep your windshield as clear as possible.

Have an After-Crash Plan

  • Prepare an Emergency Car KitSometimes, motor vehicle accidents are unavoidable in the winter. During a storm, a car accident or road closure could leave you stranded in the cold. Be prepared for unexpected time in your car without heat by making a winter survival kit. Include an ice scraper, a shovel, gloves, water, snacks, a blanket, and a flashlight.
  • Research AttorneysCar and truck accidents are frightening and stressful. Having a lawyer in mind before problems happen can help you recover from a collision quickly, and help you succeed in court if you become injured in a car accident.

Practice Safe Driving

  • Know Basic Winter Driving TechniquesKnowing how to drive safely can be the difference between a safe trip and you becoming injured in a crash. Leave extra room when following others, and drive more slowly. Practice gradual braking and acceleration. If you feel your tires sliding, avoid jerking the wheel to right your course, and instead try to gradually slow and straighten the car.
  • Eliminate DistractionsFinally, even though the percentage of drivers using handheld phones or other devices decreased from 3.8% in 2015 to 3.3% in 2016, remember to eliminate all distractions when driving in any conditions, and especially in difficult fall and winter weather.

By following these steps for car preparation and safe driving, you can keep your car and your family safe as the colder months approach. If you do end up in an accident, you’ll need a dependable accident attorney. If you’re in the Portland region, call Mayor Law right away for to overcome your accident and get back on the road.