Personal Injury Vs. Bodily Injury: Differences Explained

If you’ve been hurt in some type of accident, you may have conducted a Google search to ask, “what is personal injury?” or “should I file a personal injury suit?” You might assume that this is the appropriate course of action to take — and in many cases, it is. But not every incident can… read more

All About Distracted Driving: What Motorists Should Know

We rely on our cell phones and other electronic gadgets to help us communicate with each other, navigate to new locations, and even remember our daily schedules and tasks. While this technology undoubtedly provides assistance, it can also hinder us — or even put us in danger. Unfortunately, many motorists end up learning the hard… read more

Explaining the Personal Injury Claim Process

When people are hurt in motor vehicle accidents or sustain workplace injuries, it may be appropriate to file a personal injury claim to hold other parties legally responsible. While it’s not always an option in every case, it can be the right course of action for those who were hurt due to someone else’s negligence…. read more

Mayor Law’s Ultimate Guide to Bicycle Safety in Portland, OR

  We know Portland loves to bike—it’s convenient, healthy, inexpensive, and beneficial to the environment. Unfortunately, outside factors (distracted drivers) can make the experience frightening and not at all enjoyable. Bike crashes have significantly decreased since the 1990s, but there’s still room for improvement. In 2016, 44 people died in traffic-related incidents in Portland, and… read more