Boating in Oregon: 4 Critical Boating Safety Tips

Posted in Drunk Driving,Oregon Personal Injury Accidents on November 29, 2017

Recreational boating is one of the most beloved pastimes among Oregonians. With so many boaters taking advantage of Oregon’s beautiful rivers and lakes, these boating safety tips are as important as ever. According to the State of Oregon Marine Board, in 2016 there were 19 recreational boating-related fatalities in Oregon alone. That’s three more compared … Continued

Preventing ATV Accidents (And What To Do If You’re In One)

Posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents,Product Safety on November 29, 2017

Although riding an all-terrain vehicle can be fun and exciting, it’s an activity that presents significant danger. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for individuals to become seriously injured or even killed due to their ATV activities. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimated that there were 14,129 ATV-related deaths between 1982 and … Continued

Truck Accident FAQs: What Every Driver Should Know

Posted in Truck Accidents on November 6, 2017

Despite the fact most of us consider ourselves to be good drivers, road accidents are incredibly commonplace. And while regular motor vehicle accidents can be bad enough, truck accidents are often even worse. To help you stay safe behind the wheel and to guide you through the next steps if you do get in an … Continued