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Portland Broken Bone Injury Attorney, Travis Mayor, is an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to navigate the legal and insurances process to obtain justice and maximum compensation for your broken and fractured bone injuries — you don’t have to face the insurance companies alone to obtain fair and equitable compensation. Our firm has in-depth knowledge of the laws and legal procedures affecting accident victims in personal injury lawsuits. Should a trial be necessary, you will want an experienced attorney who can effectively present your case to an Oregon jury.

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Broken Bone Injuries and Bone Fractures

X-ray image of forearmBroken bones and bone fractures are typical injuries suffered as a result of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and falls on dangerous premises, and bicycle accidents in Portland. While not every accident results in a broken bone injury or bone fracture, these injuries result in more than 4,000,000 emergency room visits per year![1] For a serious broken bone injury or bone fracture accident, the average hospital stay is 5.4 days, at an average cost of $54,000 – $75,000+.[2] For a serious broken bone injury or fracture accident, the medical treatment costs can be 2-3+ times the average cost.

High-impact crashes and accidents such as those between a car and pedestrian or cyclist will often result in the following broken bone injury or bone fracture injuries:

Broken Bone Injury – Arms, Thigh, Knee, and Leg

High-impact crashes from car accidents, pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents frequently result in broken bone injury. These injuries often require extensive medical treatment and follow-up therapy to restore functionality. Depending on the severity of the break, “external fixation” surgery may use internal pins and screws connected to an external bar to hold the broken bones in place while they heal. For fragmented breaks, an “open reduction and internal fixation” surgery, using internal screws, metal plates, and an internal rod may be necessary to align the bones and provide extra strength. Because of the extensive medical treatments and therapy needed for recovery we recommend seeking the services of an experienced Portland broken bone injury attorney.

Bone Fractures – Hand, Wrist, Arm, Shoulder, Ankle, and Leg

Broken bones and “open” or compound fractures are frequently the result of accidents involving pedestrians and bicycles. Without the protection of a steel frame, seat belt and airbags, pedestrians and cyclists often incur very serious injuries. Most “open” or compound fractures will require surgery involving screws, wires, and plates to hold and align the fractured bone pieces together. In addition, medical treatment and recovery may be complicated by secondary damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons, by open wounds, and by the increased probability of infection. These complications may result in tissue death and permanent disability.

Fractured Clavicle, Sternum, and Ribs

A fractured clavicle, or collar bone, often results from a high impact car crash. The force of the crash is transmitted to the clavicle through the body’s impact with the seatbelt or steering wheel. Treatment options for fractured clavicles range from nonsurgical treatment for bones that have not shifted out of place, to extensive surgical treatments for displaced fractures using screws, pins, and plates. Recovery times vary, but it is common for medical treatment to take 3-4 months, including physical therapy. Fractured ribs and sternums are common injuries from car accidents and are extremely painful. If the fractures are non-displaced, the only thing that will heal them is time. Breathing, coughing and laughing during the healing period can cause excruciating pain. In serious rib and sternum fractures that cause them to be displaced, surgery may be necessary.

Fractured Hip or Pelvis

bronen_pelvis_boneHigh-impact car crashes and falls often result in hip and pelvic fractures, which can be life-threatening and require immediate emergency treatment. Treatment often involves surgery, which requires the use of metal screws, or a complete hip replacement, and a lengthy period of rehabilitation. Some victims who fracture their hip or pelvis may have limited mobility and suffer secondary complications for the rest of their lives. In the worst case, compound pelvic fractures can have a 40% mortality rate.[3] This is why you need the services of a Portland broken bone injury attorney.

Serious injuries involving broken bones and fractures require experienced legal representation – Mayor Law handles all types of broken bone and fractured bone injuries. If you have been seriously injured in an accident that was not your fault, and your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you may be entitled to compensation to pay for your recovery, lost wages, and suffering.

Seek the Support of a Broken Bone Injury Attorney to Maximize Your Compensation For a Broken Bone Injury

Mayor Law specializes in complex personal injury cases, such as accidents resulting in broken bone injury and bone fractures, and is uniquely qualified to evaluate and prosecute your case.

Bone fracture lawyer Travis Mayor is committed to seeking justice and maximizing the financial compensation for his clients who have been hurt as the result of another person’s negligence. As a former insurance defense lawyer, Travis knows firsthand how insurance companies evaluate cases, pressure parties into “low ball” settlements, and execute trial strategies. This valuable insight from the other side of the table, combined with experience handling hundreds of personal injury cases, is the reason Travis produces extraordinary results. He knows how to effectively prosecute personal injury claims, and he has collected millions of dollars in settlements, jury verdicts and arbitration awards for his clients.

Broken Bone Injury Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of compensation can I recover from an accident involving broken bone injuries or bone fractures?

Answer: Accidents that result in broken bone injury or bone fracture injuries can be complex, with medical treatment extending over many months, with additional physical and occupational therapy taking even longer. The impact to the family of someone recovering from such injuries often means the loss of a paycheck during the recovery period, and additional expenses for home or convalescent care. These economic impacts combined with the pain and suffering of the injured loved one can cause emotional distress, anxiety and worry for the entire family.

To recover compensation for broken bone injuries, we recommend seeking the assistance of an experienced broken bone injury attorney in Portland to lead the effort; one who knows how to navigate the legal process and negotiate or litigate a settlement that maximizes your financial recovery including:

  • Medical expenses – diagnostic tests, surgery, hospitalization, doctors, drugs, and medications
  • Long term medical, physical, and occupational therapy
  • Lost wages and income – during your treatment period and potentially in the future
  • Other expenses – transportation, household duties, personal care
  • Long term care – dealing with the consequences of the injury, or other physical and mental impairment, such as limited mobility and functionality
  • Future medical treatments for secondary complications – bladder control, sexual dysfunction
  • Future reconstructive surgery
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

Obtaining compensation for accidents with broken bones or bone fractures can be a lengthy and complex process that is best performed by knowledgeable legal professionals like an experienced broken bone injury lawyer in Portland. Dealing with the at-fault person and their insurance company, staffed with seasoned lawyers requires an equally seasoned legal team on your side – this will not be their first time defending a personal injury case! This is why you need the services of a knowledgeable Broken Bone Injury Attorney who is equally aggressive.

Why is it important to retain an attorney who does not shy away from litigating cases?

Answer: Dealing with large insurance carriers is a difficult and complex task. They are schooled in how to approach and defend personal injury cases and have done so many, many times before. Depending on the facts of the case, they typically pursue several strategies including delay – deny – defend, or you, the victim, contributed or caused the accident with your unreasonable behavior. To counter these tactics, it is necessary to obtain the resources to investigate the accident, gather supporting facts, documentation, and witness statements before evidence disappears and witnesses’ memories blur.

I have reached final settlements that were 10 times greater than the initial offers simply because we do not shy away from litigating cases.

In the early stages of a case, the defendant’s insurance company will typically make an “initial low-ball” settlement offer, without admitting fault, to make the whole incident go away. They are simply testing your resolve to pursue the case. Having legal representation on your side who is not interested in quick, but unfair settlements sends a clear message that we have a great case and won’t settle for low-ball offers. In many cases, I have reached final settlements that were 10 times greater than the initial offers simply because we do not shy away from litigating the case.

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Personal_Injury_Attorney_Travis_MayorAt Mayor Law, it is our goal to help the families of Oregon accident victims who have suffered from broken bone injury and bone fractures, achieve justice and restore their lives. Portland broken bone injury attorney, Travis Mayor, will help you by reducing the hassle, complexity, and anxiety of navigating the legal process, while maximizing your financial compensation. Travis Mayor has recovered millions of dollars for families of accident victims.  For every Oregon client who has suffered through a serious broken bone injury or bone fracture injury, Travis offers personal service with proven results.

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