Personal Injury Case Consultation │ Free Legal Consultation

What is the purpose of the free personal injury case consultation?

The purpose of the personal injury case consultation with an attorney is to review the basic facts of the case and develop answers to the following questions:

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by the actions of another person and would like to receive a free personal injury case consultation and evaluation, then contact Portland Personal Injury Attorney, Travis Mayor. To set up a convenient appointment to discuss your personal injury case and understand your legal rights, call Travis at (503) 444.2825, email at, or simply go to our Contact US Today form.

Why you should choose Mayor Law to represent you?

Results: Travis has successfully collected millions of dollars in settlements, arbitration awards and jury verdicts for clients. He measures his success in the number of client’s whose lives he has helped complete their financial recovery.

Experience and Knowledge: As a former insurance defense attorney, Travis knows how insurance companies think, act, and evaluate claims. Understanding the insurance playing field and the tactics used by each party gives him a distinct advantage. Travis has an equal level of experience prosecuting cases on the plaintiff side, specifically focused on personal injury cases.

Courtroom Strength: Better settlements come with being prepared and willing to try cases. Travis is a seasoned litigator and effective advocate who is willing to pursue a jury trial if that is the path that will yield the best settlement for clients

Honest and Objection Evaluation: Leveraging extensive legal expertise, Travis objectively assesses the strengths and weaknesses of each case, and helps clients determine the type of legal representation and strategy that will best meet their settlement goals.

Accessible and Responsive: Focused on each client’s unique situation and goals, Travis provides personal attention and open communication. Travis’s personal working style with clients is one of communication, education, and consensus building, all aimed at developing trust. When Travis works with insurance companies and their lawyers he is professional, firm, and always on the edge of aggressive.