Every year, thousands of car accidents occur in the city of Portland, Oregon. Here are the top 10 causes of car accidents in Portland.

10. Driving A Car Carelessly

When a driver decides to be careless and reckless, others suffer. Road rage, speeding, and swerving (like we’ve all read above), are all causes of accidents. Not only can you hurt the person in front of you, but, depending on the situation, you can hurt multiple cars in front of and behind you. Please be safe when driving. Whatever your reason for driving carelessly, it’s not worth it.

9. Ran Off Road

In the case of road rage, drivers have the tendency to swerve at other cars to get their attention. Because of this, the other driver being bullied may swerve to get out of the way or may even lose control of their vehicle, thus spinning them off the road. Other instances may include icy freeways, wet highways, etc.

8. Failing To Decrease Speed For Slow Vehicle

Similar to #1 of failing to avoid a stopped vehicle, failing to decrease speed for a slower vehicle can also cause an accident. If a driver has their hazards on it’s important for faster drivers to change lanes and go around, when safe. In certain circumstances, elderly drivers may not be aware of their speed, and a faster driver may not be paying attention then... BAM! A crash occurs.

7. Failure To Maintain The Lane

It’s very common for truck and regular drivers to become tired while traveling long distances, so it’s also common for them to swerve over into the lane next to them. Because of this, a driver’s ability to maintain the lane is a huge cause of an accident.

6. Traffic Signals

Traffic signals are put into place for the safety of all drivers. Due to laziness, impatience, and flat our carelessness, driver’s blow past stop signs, run red lights, and sometimes even go out of turn. This is why it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings.

5. Inattention To Driving

Inattention to driving can include eating, doing makeup, talking on the phone, texting, and more. Having your full attention on the road should be the main priority while you are behind the wheel, and all other distractions should be saved for when it’s safe to do so, preferably when the car is stopped and turned off.

4. Following Too Closely

Keeping a safe distance while driving is very important. This is why “following too closely” is placed at number 4. Too many drivers are impatient, which results in an accident. If you run into the back of another car because of following too closely, you can be charged in a legal court for damage.

3. Driving Too Fast For Conditions

In the state of Oregon, weather ranges from sunny-summer days to windy, cold, snowy winters. Due to the vast changes in weather, drivers can be too confident in their ability to take on whatever weather comes their way. Although it’s smart to not drive too slow, driving fast can result in an accident.

2. Right of Way

All too often, cars will drive up to a four way stop and be unsure of whose turn it is to go after stopping. Because the drivers hesitate, many cars will go at once and end up crashing into another driver. Many careless fender benders have occured from this scenario. It is no wonder it ranks in the top causes for car accidents.

1. Failure To Avoid Stopped Vehicle

The top reason for car accidents occurring in Portland is a driver’s inability to swerve around or dodge a stopped vehicle. Whether it’s on the side of the freeway, or broken down in the middle of a road, it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings while behind the wheel.

Through informative resources and infographics like this, it is our hope that drivers will take extra time to think about how they’re going to drive before getting behind the wheel. Our Portland Car Accident Attorney at Mayor Law is here to help in the times that an accident is unpreventable.


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Source: Oregon Department of Human Services